Relaxation Evening with Sophie

Thursday 13th September6.30pm - 8pm at the Sale Moor studio

Investment: £12.00

Delve into meditation, gentle movement, proper breathing, healing sounds and the art of ultimate relaxation. Be present. An evening to release stress and anxiety, manage feelings and emotions and let go without judging ourselves, leaving our session feeling uplifted and refreshed.

To book your place click here

Chance To Trance
Saturday 1st September 10.30am - 11.30am at the Sale Moor studio 

Have your ever been curious about Hypnosis and how it would feel or be for you? well now is your Chance to Trance..

This is an opportunity for you to experience deep relaxation, see how it feels for you and hear the stillness as you step in to the void.

General booking fee £10.00

Contact Sarah to reserve your place 07875057983 /

Gong Bath with Jane

Sunday 21st October 12pm - 1pm at the Sale Moor studio

No, water is not involved in a Gong Bath Meditation!

Instead, you are bathed in the sounds and vibrations of gongs, & crystal bowls. It is a sound bath that creates profound relaxation.

Gong Bath Meditations alter brain wave patterns from the Beta (waking state) to Theta & Delta (meditative) states. Science teaches that meditative brain frequencies enable us to access our deeper subconscious and superconscious, which are key states for healing.

Sound healing is not a new fad. The gong is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. Based on ancient wisdom, gongs vibrate at the same frequency as the body allowing the body to heal itself.

These ideas might sound kind of “woo-woo”, but Sound Energy Healing is a physical phenomenon based on universal physical and biological principles called Sonic entrainment, where rhythmic vibrations of similar frequencies resonate in unison.

The universal principles of sound mean you do not have to believe in Sound Energy Healing or understand it, to benefit from sessions. However, you might be like many people, and want to know what proof exists for energy healing. Come and join us for this amazing 1 Hour relaxation.

Investment is £10.00 and you can book your place here

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